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♥It's My Life♥
House Alarms.
Monday. 9.15.08 9:03 am
watching: regis & kelly
listening to: house alarms
mood: hungry
Ahh, i love how i just put madison down for a nap and a house alarm has to off. i don't think she has woken up. i do hear her sucking on her pacifier but she isn't crying. ahh i think all is good again in the world.
i have been up since 740 am. BLEH. both my parents had doctor's appointments this morning, as well as freddy having work so it was just me and maddie. i have her some cereal with bananas and she is content, didnt' even put up a fight for her nap, which i was expecting. i like when she surprises me LOL.
only 4 more day until foolishgames and i get to spend the weekend together doing fun things. i am EXCITED FOR GIRL TIME!!
i love freddy and all but sometimes his penis gets in the way LOL.
tonight we're going to the DJ to finalize things for the wedding. UGH i need song for my parents to dance to after we thank them for the wedding/everything else they do for us. if they dont pick one, i'm just going to ask the DJ to help me, LOL.
besides that nothing really that fun going on this week, just work & laundry & packing.
ok i'm gonna go eat breakfast. later.

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09/12/2008 10:51:46 PM
mood: bored
alright, so the MRI was a no go. i SPECIFICALLY requested the open MRI and they booked me for the closed one. what freakin' morons, honestly.
Yesterday freddy, madison and i went to friday's for lunch. madison started throwing a mini fit while we were there. little did i know that the whole rest of the day would be a fit. JESUS! so freddy went to work at 3, i gave madison to my dad and i took a nap. it was one of those naps where you wake up more tired than you were before you laid down. anyway at 5 i woke up to madison throwing another fit, how lovely. i feel bad really i do. for her and for me. for her because i didn't know what was wrong or how to fix it and for me because it breaks me heart to see her cry, real tears especially. i fixed that fit with a bottle even though it wasn't time to eat. bed time was a bitch too. GAWD!!
today was better. work went ok minus the rain. i went to the bank but could only deposit 1 check because the other one was written out to madison. really? i didn't know 5 month olds could open bank accounts!! so now i have no idea how to cash that check. my mom said she would ask at her bank since the bank we use isn't really a bank, just a credit union. whatever. ihad subway for dinner which was really the highlight of my day until 1- madison went to sleep without a fight! hoorray!!1 and 2- freddy came home and tackeled me with kisses. i love him.
tomorrow is a yankees game with freddy, my mom and dad. i hope it's fun LOL.

ps- 1 week until me and chrissy weekend together!! that sounds sexual doesn't it? LOL

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Busy Bee
Monday. 9.8.08 8:24 pm
watching: food network
listening to: the tv
mood: stressed

Holy freakin' crap. these next few week are like insanely busy. i get tireder [word?] just thinking about it.
today i had work from 9-5. i thought i was going to drop dead from heat in the morning, and after lunch i thought i might freeze into an icicle at any second!
tomorrow, freddy and i have to bring the mazda in for maintenace and be in valley stream [about 25 minutes from where we live] by 915am because i have a doctor's appointment. i'm going to see an opthmologist so they can tell me what every other doctor has told me. that whatever is going on with my eyes comes on by itself and leaves by itself. what a waste of a copay, GIMME MY 5 BUCKS BACK! after that appointment we'll have to go pick up the car and then freddy and i both have work. BLEH!!
tuesday i've got another doctor's appointment, surprise surprise! this time it's the neurologist. i'm actually thinking about canceling it, because it's a follow up from a month ago buti just saw him last week and i'm going again next week after my MRI is done.
oh yea, by the way i'm gettin an MRI done thursday. if i don't run away to mexico before hand that is. i am scared shitaki less. even though it's an open one and i've got a prescription for valium, everytime i think about it i want to cry. what a big girl i am.
actually speaking of being a big girl, i am so not. i cry almost every doctor's appointment because i am so frustrated with my eyes. OK, ever rub your eyes for a long period of time and when you stop everything is fuzzy/blurry and weird looking? that's how im living my life half the time.
damnit i went off subject. oh well.
friday i just have work, and saturday me freddy my mom and dad are going to a yankee game. my aunt will be watching madison.
ok this is long enough and now that you know all about my week, you can stalk me

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Friday. 9.5.08 6:32 pm
this is my first entry. chrissy you owe me. i can't change the avatar and it's making me michael jackson, and highly uncomfortable at that. i'll be back later when i have more time to really update. for now i'll say it again, chrissy you owe meeeeeeee.

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